Assurance Services
  • Audit of financial statements in accordance with Romanian regulations, IFRS, group GAAP
  • Audit of financial reports for various projects with public funds
  • Review engagements and agreed upon procedures
Internal Audit
  • Full internal audit function in accordance with relevant regulation framework (BNR, ASF, group requirements, etc.)
  • Assistance given to existing internal audit structure of the client by providing specialized personnel
  • Secondment of highly skilled personnel for short periods of time 
Tax Services
  • Identify and mitigate taxation risks
  • Advice on tax compliance obligations
  • Act as facilitator with tax authorities in case of disagreements
  • Ongoing help desk on fiscal matters
Professional Training
  • Custom-made courses on highly complex and specific issues and general understanding of IFRS
  • Tax matters directly applicable to the company
  • Finance explained for non-finance professionals
  • Internal Audit Standards and practice
Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS, group GAAP, Romanian regulations
  • Preparation of group reporting and management information
Advisory Services
  • Financial position diagnosis and performance improvement
  • Drafting and implementation of internal procedures
  • Due diligence engagements for envisaged transactions
  • Assistance with transactions (mergers, divisions of companies)
IT Audit
  • IT audit in accordance with standards and guides issued by ISACA and with the Security Standard ISO 27001:2013
  • IT audit in accordance with ASF Norm 6/2015
  • IT audit of Electronic Payments System - BNR regulation no 6/2006
  • IT audit of Internet Banking - MCSI Order 389/2007
Forensic Services
  • Detection: fraud, misconduct and corruption investigations, covering the entire process from the initial research, data analysis and reporting to recommending action plans
  • Prevention: analyze company structure and transactions and recommend controls to increase the perception of fraud detection and misconduct, in order to prevent losses.
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